SKA Project

The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) is an inter-governmental international radio telescope project being built in Australia and South Africa.

The SKA isn’t like a typical telescope. It doesn’t use lenses or mirrors — and it will even work in the middle of a sunny day. This is because the SKA is a radio telescope. It will detect radio waves from space that we can’t see with our eyes. Things like stars, galaxies and black holes give off radio waves and the SKA will be able to detect them.

New Zealand was involved in the early part of the project, but withdrew in 2019.

These resources have student science activities reinforcing aspects of the ‘big idea’ in astronomy: that everything we know about the universe is from “messages” in the electromagnetic radiation we receive from beyond planet Earth.

The activities support the ‘Nature of Science’ and ‘Physical World’ sections of the Science curriculum as well as the ‘Planet Earth and Beyond’ section.




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