Hosting the Science Roadshow

The Science Roadshow is a mobile science discovery centre. Annually it travels the the length of New Zealand in a 15 metre truck and trailer, bringing a range of cool interactive science and technology exhibits into communities. The mission of the Science Roadshow is to support science education in New Zealand schools through science outreach.

Each year we need approximately 100 host schools around the country. We set up in a ‘host’ school’s hall/gym and other schools from the surrounding area are invited to our pre-booked sessions.

Our stay at a host school varies between one and three days — depending on our itinerary, the location, and how many students may visit from the host and surrounding schools.

The Roadshow makes a commitment to a set itinerary and venues well in advance, so it’s really important that our host schools can commit to hosting the Science Roadshow as once confirmed, our itinerary is not easy to change.

Host venue criteria

The use of your school hall or gym

This is where we set up our exhibits and other equipment. Your hall needs to be approximately 20x30m.
All our equipment is on trolleys and wheeled into the hall. As we have 60 cubic metres of equipment, the hall will need to be clear of any chairs, tables etc.

A member of staff to act as our co-ordinator/liaison

This person needs to book the hall and select student explainers. They will be our go-to person if we have any issues or questions.

A group of students to be ‘Explainers’

We require 12 students (Yr 7+) daily who will be trusted with assisting on specific exhibits. Our staff will conduct an extensive explainer training session that includes health and safety aspects.

Your school will fill at least one session (approx 100 students) per day or equivalent.


Benefits of being a Science Roadshow Host

No travel costs

Being onsite means no bus fees or organising other transportation.

Your school gets a discount

In lieu of hall hire charges, your students pay $9 per student (visiting students are $10).

No need for permission slips

As your students aren’t going off site, no need to organise permission slips.

A typical visit...


The truck and trailer will arrive at your school the night before, and park outside your hall to unload first thing in the morning. We need access for a 16 metre truck and trailer adjacent to the hall with a flat area to unload onto.

The trailer contains 60 cubic metres of equipment to be unloaded, to facilitate this we require four to six strong students to help unload the exhibits into your hall from 8:00am.

Explainer Training

Our staff will conduct an extensive explainer training session that includes health and safety aspects.

The Programme

We run four 70 minute sessions throughout the day. Each session is the same and divided into three sections:
First show — As each session begins your students may be joined by those from other schools, depending on numbers. One of our two shows is then presented to the entire group. This takes around 15 minutes.
Exhibit interaction — Each of our exhibits is set up around the hall according to its theme. Students have approximately 40 minutes to explore each of the activities. To help them out, each exhibit has a context board which includes information about how to use the exhibit, the science behind it, and where such things occur in everyday life. Some of our exhibits will be manned by student “explainers” who will assist visitors to gain the most from their Roadshow experience.
Second show — The second of our two shows is now presented, then the students return to school.

Each year our themes, shows and exhibits change, find out more about this year’s programme.

Departure of the Roadshow

Packing up of our equipment and exhibits begins immediately after the last show. We require four to six strong students to help with packing out for up to an hour. We should be clear of the hall by 4:30pm.

Health & Safety

The Science Roadshow has a number of safety processes and procedures in place to help make the set up and running of the Science Roadshow as safe and accessible as possible. You can find out more about safety here.




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