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A visit to the Science Roadshow is a fun, exciting and interactive learning experience of science for children.
It includes live shows and hands-on exhibits that broaden students knowledge of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. It strongly supports the Nature of Science strand and the Five Foundational Science Capabilities.

Each year our shows, themes and exhibits change, so there's always something new for students to learn and engage with.


What is the Science Roadshow?

The Science Roadshow is a mobile science discovery centre. Annually it travels the the length of New Zealand in a 15 metre truck and trailer, bringing a range of cool interactive science and technology exhibits into communities. The mission of the Science Roadshow is to support science education in New Zealand schools through science outreach.

A range of over 60 hands-on exhibits grouped under the following six themes:
  • Rocks and minerals — Ngā toka me ngā kohuke

  • Helping the senses — Te āwhina i ngā tairongo
  • Light properties — Ngā āhuatanga aho
  • Movement — Te nekeneke
  • Observation and inference — Te mātakitaki me te hīkaro
  • Pressure — Te pēhanga
Two fantastic live shows:

Mighty Materials — Physical and chemical properties of substances, such as metals and fabrics, and how these are put to use in everyday applications.
Sounding Out Waves — The characteristics of sound such as pitch, volume, how fast it travels, what substances it travels through, how it travels and the many effects these have on things we can or cannot hear.

Your visit to the Roadshow...

A school visit to the Roadshow lasts for 70 minutes and is divided into three sections:

First show — As each session begins your students may be joined by those from other schools, depending on numbers. One of our two shows is then presented to the entire group. This takes around 15 minutes.

Exhibit interaction — Each of our exhibits is set up around the hall according to its theme. Your students will have approximately 40 minutes to explore each of the activities. To help them out, each exhibit has a context board which includes information about how to use the exhibit, the science behind it, and where such things occur in everyday life. A number of the exhibits also have student explainers — senior students from the host school, who are there to assist visiting students gain the most from their Roadshow experience.

Second show — The second of our two shows is now presented, then your students return to school.

Free Resources

All teachers who book and bring students to the Roadshow get comprehensive and complimentary resources that offers stimulating classroom ready activities for pre- and post-visit classroom experiences, including a complete science unit. These experiences and resources will provide support for your learning programme(s).


$10 per student, accompanying teachers and adults free.


About the Science Roadshow

The Science Roadshow offers school children, their teachers and accompanying parents and wider public visitors an opportunity to explore various science and technology concepts by ‘touch and feel’. It provides a unique, informal learning opportunity that:
  • excites and enthuses visitors;
  • nurtures curiosity and discovery;
  • improves motivation and attitude;
  • adds to teacher knowledge;
  • supports numeracy and literacy;
  • encourages social interaction and co-operative learning;
  • provides memorable real life contextual elements and exemplars.
  • The Science Roadshow is a nationally travelling programme to schools and their communities;
  • Suitable for students up to and including Year 10.
  • Costs $10 per student, accommpanying teachers and adults are free.
  • 70 hands-on exhibits (in six themes) and two demonstrations, that change every year.
  • Promoted to every school in New Zealand, every year, by direct mail and electronic database
  • Sets up in a ‘host’ school hall and other schools in surrounding area come to pre-booked sessions.
  • Host schools also provide student helpers (Explainers) who are entrusted with assisting on specific exhibits.
  • Bookings are done online. All teachers who book and bring students to the Roadshow get a free 32 page resource booklet.
  • Sessions for schools last 70 minutes — a 15 minute demonstration followed by 40 minutes on exhibits and then to finish, another 15 minute demonstration.
  • Safety Statement for Science Roadshow